Maria VandenElsen

Maria is a Dutch author. She published nine books and several short stories in the Netherlands through traditional publishers. Her ambition is to write and publish a novel in the United States. Maria's genre is romance.

Her own story started in Boekel, a Dutch village in the south. After High School, she went to college at the University of Twente. During those years, she learned how to fly solo. She met her one true love and together, they traveled the world, got married, and settled in Utrecht. Having had their third child, the new family moved to a larger house in a town near Den Bosch. Eager to learn more about her new community, Maria became a reporter for a local newspaper. In 2016, her husband received an offer for a job in Panama. This was an exciting adventure; learning Spanish and getting to know the Panamanian culture. Although it was challenging to be far away from friends and family (thank God for Skype and Facetime) it was also rewarding. Panama is a wonderful country with friendly people and lots of sun and fun on the beach. They created beautiful memories while exploring South America as a family. Another career opportunity brought them in 2018 to the USA.

Maria loves traveling. It's an excellent way to enrich your world and learn about different cultures. She always comes home full of inspiration.

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Born in Boekel (The Netherlands)

1999 Master in Industrial Engineering and Management, University of Twente

2009 Debute: Leuk voor één nacht, Zomer & Keuning (Z&K)

2011-2015 Reporter at the Het Carillon, local newspaper Maasdriel

2016 Moved to Panama City, Panama

2018 Moved to New Jersey, USA

2019 Nominated for the Valentijnprijs (most romantic book)

2009 - 2023 Several books and short stories

“They told me I couldn't that's why I did” - author unknown

Cover of 'Leuk voor één nacht', debut of Maria VandenElsen


Leuk voor één nacht (Z&K)

Gek van jou! (Z&K)

Pretty Perfect (Z&K)

Vamp on Heels (Z&K)

Vamp in Love (Z&K)

Lekker Fout (Ellessy)

Lekker Stoer (Ellessy)

Lekker Gevaarlijk (Ellessy)

Lekker Geregeld (Ellessy)

Short stories:

Sunshine going south (Z&K)

Op goed geluk (Z&K)

Stirred not shaken (Z&K)

Cupido in Rome (Z&K)

Liefde op bestelling (De Verhalenfabriek)

Liefde niet verplicht (De Verhalenfabriek)

Bijna Kerstmis (De Verhalenfabriek)

Niet veilig zonder jou (De Verhalenfabriek)

Cover of 'Liefde op Bestelling'